What this site does:

Answers the question, "Does the dog/cat/horse/gerbil/etc. die in this film?" If the dog icon is happy, no pets die or are hurt in the film. If the dog is sad, that means a pet is harmed or threatened in the film but does not die. And if the dog is crying, that means a pet dies in the film. You can click on the title of the film for an explanation (may contain spoilers).

What this site does not do:

Why are there so few movies listed here where no pets die or are harmed?

We don't give the Does the Dog Die treatment to every movie. The only reason we bother with the happy dog rating is for movies where it seems like a pet might get hurt or die but doesn't. For example, in The Adventures of Milo and Otis a cat and a dog go on scary adventures but they happily survive.

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