DoesTheDogDie.com - your indispensable ally for emotional navigation through the vast realm of movies, TV shows, and more. We understand that certain content can be emotionally challenging, and our mission is to empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about the media you consume.

At DoesTheDogDie.com, our community-driven platform is designed to be your emotional survival guide. We recognize that everyone has unique sensitivities and triggers, and our goal is to provide a sanctuary for individuals who seek to explore entertainment without stumbling upon unexpected emotional challenges.

How it Works

Our community of users rate thousands of titles, creating an extensive database of trigger warnings covering a wide range of emotional content. From intense scenes to potentially distressing themes, we've got you covered. Want to know if a movie or TV show contains content that may trigger specific emotions or reactions? Enter the title into the search box at the top of the site.

We believe in the power of collective knowledge and empathy. Our platform allows you to customize your experience, tailoring trigger warnings based on your specific sensitivities. If you see a trigger that affects you deeply, click the "pin" icon so it always shows up at the top. DoesTheDogDie.com is here to guide you through the emotional landscape.

Start your Journey

So, welcome to DoesTheDogDie.com – where you can explore, engage, and enjoy storytelling without sacrificing your emotional well-being. Because in our community, no one faces unexpected emotional challenges alone.


How did this site come about?
DoesTheDogDie.com was created in 2011 to prevent people from being triggered by seeing a dog die in a movie. Cat deaths was the next trigger the site started tracking followed by depictions of pregnancy. Things kind of exploded from there. DoesTheDogDie now tracks 197 different triggers.
How many titles are on your site?
TV Show5,061
Video Game1,949
Comic Book151
Short Story53
What sort of feedback do you get?
There's an occasional troll here and there but the messages we receiving are OVERWHELMING positive. Several mental health professionals have indicated they recommend the site to their clients.
Do you cover just movies?
No! We cover many other types of media:
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Books
  • Video Games
  • Anime
  • Manga
  • Comic Books
  • Podcasts
  • YouTubes
  • Short Stories
  • Blogs
  • Magazines
  • How do I add a new movie, tv show, book, etc.?
    Go to this page and fill out the form. The site will check to make sure the item hasn't already been added. After that, you will be able to give yes/no ratings for each trigger that the site tracks.
    How do I request a new trigger category?
    Go to this page and enter the name of your trigger. The site will check to make sure a similar trigger hasn't already been added. Before the site starts tracking your trigger it will need 1,000 votes from DDD Supporters (see below).
    What is this Supporter thing?
    Purchase a Supporter subscription today and help DoesTheDogDie.com grow! The cost is $2.50/month or $25/year. 
    Supporters enjoy the following:
    • NO ADS!!!
    • DoesTheDogDie, LLC. gives a portion of your fee to charity: raised so far!
    • Support as many triggers as you like simply by pinning them. More paid supporters means the trigger will get answered faster.
    • Only Supporters get to vote on new trigger ideas.
    • Help us pay our moderators.
    How do I help DoesTheDogDie.com?
    1. Rate titles by clicking Yes/No on any unanswered triggers.
    2. Become a Supporter (see above) so the site can pay for the servers and continue to add new features. 
    How do I contact someone at DoesTheDogDie.com?
    The best way to contact us is via email at social@doesthedogdie.com.
    When browsing titles by trigger why is "Yes" disabled, but only for some triggers?
    The mission of the site is to prevent our users from being triggered. For some sensitive triggers, exposing a giant list of movies depicting the event would only serve to enable negative emotions. If you think you have a legitimate use-case for the data please contact us.
    What do I do if I accidentally clicked Yes or No incorrectly for a trigger?
    Don't worry about it. Over time other users will click the correct answer and expose the truth. The power of crowd-sourcing!
    I found an insensitive, spammy, or trolling comment. What should I do?
    The quickest way to get a comment removed from the site if to downvote it. After enough downvotes the site automatically removes the offending comment.

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