Does the dog die
Does a cat die
Does a horse die
Does an animal die
Are any teeth damaged
Are needles/syringes used
Are there bugs
Are there clowns
Are there ghosts
Are there jumpscares
Are there snakes
Are there spiders
Are there strobe effects
Does a car crash
Does a dragon die
Does a head get squashed
Does a kid die
Does a parent die
Does a plane crash
Does an LGBT person die
Does it not have a happy ending
Does someone abuse alcohol
Does someone break a bone
Does someone die by suicide
Does someone drown
Does someone fall to their death
Does someone fart or spit
Does someone have a seizure
Does someone have an eating disorder
Does someone have cancer
Does someone miscarry
Does someone self harm
Does someone use drugs
Does someone vomit
Is a child abused
Is electro-therapy used
Is Santa (et al) spoiled
Is someone burned alive
Is someone hit by a car
Is someone misgendered
Is someone possessed
Is someone sexually assaulted
Is someone tortured
Is there a claustrophoic scene
Is there a hospital scene
Is there a mental institution scene
Is there a nuclear explosion
Is there a shower scene
Is there blood/gore
Is there body dysmorphia
Is there domestic violence
Is there eye mutilation
Is there finger/toe mutilation
Is there hate speech
Is there sexual content
Is there shakey cam
Is there shaving/cutting

Triggers we track:

Does the dog die?
Does a cat die?
Does a horse die?
Does an animal die?
Are any teeth damaged?
Are needles/syringes used?
Are there bugs?
Are there clowns?
Are there ghosts?
Are there jumpscares?
Are there snakes?
Are there spiders?
Are there strobe effects?
Does a car crash?
Does a dragon die?
Does a head get squashed?
Does a kid die?
Does a parent die?
Does a plane crash?
Does an LGBT person die?
Does it not have a happy ending?
Does someone abuse alcohol?
Does someone break a bone?
Does someone die by suicide?
Does someone drown?
Does someone fall to their death?
Does someone fart or spit?
Does someone have a seizure?
Does someone have an eating disorder?
Does someone have cancer?
Does someone miscarry?
Does someone self harm?
Does someone use drugs?
Does someone vomit?
Is a child abused?
Is electro-therapy used?
Is Santa (et al) spoiled?
Is someone burned alive?
Is someone hit by a car?
Is someone misgendered?
Is someone possessed?
Is someone sexually assaulted?
Is someone tortured?
Is there a claustrophoic scene?
Is there a hospital scene?
Is there a mental institution scene?
Is there a nuclear explosion?
Is there a shower scene?
Is there blood/gore?
Is there body dysmorphia?
Is there domestic violence?
Is there eye mutilation?
Is there finger/toe mutilation?
Is there hate speech?
Is there sexual content?
Is there shakey cam?
Is there shaving/cutting?

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