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Find Out if the Dog Dies, Before You Watch a Movie
We all have that one friend who can’t bear to watch a movie where an animal dies (me, for example). And yeah, I get the real world is hard, and we shouldn’t shelter ourselves blah blah, but look. I’ve seen some s**t and maybe when I chillax for the night, I don’t want to see cute stuff dying.
Preemptively Learn Fates Of Movie Animals With
Are you one of those people who would rather see a person killed in a movie than an animal? Did you cry at “Of Mice and Men” ... for the mouse, puppy and old dog, rather than for Lenny? If so, your life is about to get a whole lot easier.
Ce site vous prévient si un chien meurt dans un film
GQ France
Certaines personnes refusent de voir des films d’horreur. D’autres, ce sont les films où il y a des chiens. Au cas où ces derniers meurent. Heureusement, un nouveau site leur permet de ne plus jamais avoir de mauvaises surprises.

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