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Does The Dog Die? is a vital tool for all dog-loving cinephiles
If you're like me and have an at best, illogically, and at worst, psychopathically, high tolerance for human death in cinema in comparison to that of dogs, then help is at hand.
Be Warned About Unpleasant Scenes in Entertainment With ‘Does the Dog Die?’
You’re excited for a new HBO show, but the trailers look pretty violent. You can stand some fighting, but you really hate torture scenes. Or you hate puke shots. Or you need to avoid strobe effects. Or your actual dog just died, and you’d rather not be reminded by a movie. Look up the title on Does the Dog Die?, a site that collects warnings about anxiety triggers and unpleasant elements in over 6,000 movies, TV, books, and video games.
Ce site vous prévient si un chien meurt dans un film
GQ France
Certaines personnes refusent de voir des films d’horreur. D’autres, ce sont les films où il y a des chiens. Au cas où ces derniers meurent. Heureusement, un nouveau site leur permet de ne plus jamais avoir de mauvaises surprises.

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