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A baby or unborn child is shown
Seeing a baby or unborn child can be triggering to those who have lost an infant or pregnancy, or who have lost a sibling. I lost a late-term pregnancy and seeing a baby unexpectedly can be a very painful reminder of that and trigger flashbacks. Additionally, unborn children (a fetus or embryo) are shown completely unexpectedly at times and can be similarly triggering to those who miscarried, were coerced or forced to have an abortion, or are infertile/unable to conceive. For examples, the horror movie "The Hallow" showed a (possibly dead/deceased) infant crawling across the ground toward a character, which was completely unexpected and irrelevant to the plot, and the TV series Helix had an extended plot depicting a fetus in vitro in the second season.
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A Car Honks/Screeching Brakes
Although the category of "Does a Car Crash?" is helpful, there are often times when the answer to that question is no, but someone slams on the horn or screeches their brakes and this can still be triggering to those impacted by car crashes, even if a crash is not present.
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A character (nearly or actually) wets/soils themselves
The idea of people having “accidents” (pooping/peeing their pants) or nearly doing so gives me panic attacks. I’m not sure why, but it makes me so intensely anxious and uncomfortable that it takes me hours to calm back down. It can cause huge secondhand embarrassment, lots of anxiety about sickness, panic about the mess, be upsetting to people who have experienced it, etc.
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A Character Falls Down The Stairs
I have a crippling fear of stairs, to the point where I use ramps when walking into restaurants, or I use the elevator to go up 1 floor. Characters falling down the stairs triggers this, and I'd like to have a category added so that I can be warned of this
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A character is or becomes homeless
A friend of mine has severe anxiety that is triggered by the premise of being homeless, due to trauma from having been homeless themself. It would be extremely helpful if there was some way to know which pieces of media have homeless characters, or characters that become homeless at some point so that my friend can avoid re-living this trauma. An example of this happening is in the movie A Dog's Journey.
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A Character That is Diabetic
"A Character That is Diabetic" -- this fact about Them could be shown on screen, hinted at in passing, told by a 2nd party or only in the origial book adaptation. Such as; one of The Main Characters in the GodFather is a servere Diabetic in the Book, ( to the point they needs 3 doses of insulin a day to live). However, this fact is not told in the film...So their death come out of Nowhere. All becouse the character was in a place where they could not get their insulin in time -- And lead to a lot of Film fans to get angery for not being told about this important fact thats only in the book. (Years later)
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A Character Uses Obscene Language/Gestures
Obscene language and gestures could make some people uncomfortable, and many parents do not want their children to be exposed to such things. While obscene language is often included in the rations for films, gestures are not. Additionally, there is less of a warning for language on other types of media, such as books.
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A child has a dear toy destroyed
Similar to having Santa (et al) ruined for a child, a child being in distress due to the damage or destruction of a dear toy such as a sentimental stuffed animal, or a gift from a beloved relative.
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A non-human character dies
Audience members may be attached to non-human characters (androids, aliens, etc) and therefore seeing their death would be the same as watching a human death
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Abduction of Infant
If an infant dies or gets taken away from its mother it triggers a heavy depressive episode in me and I can't be the only one. I know that's a specific one but you see triggers are specific .
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Ableist language or behaviour
This category refers to use of slurs, demeaning language, or abuse of neurodiverse and disabled people. This includes using "autistic" as an insult. This category is important because mocking disabled people or comparing their conditions to being bad is an ableist trope found in many forms of media that feed into a stereotypical narrative.
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Abortion performed
Some people do not want to watch a show/movie where an abortion procedure is performed. Parents like myself do not want my kids to see abortion scenarios on screen. Examples include "Cider House Rules," "Grey's Anatomy," "Dirty Dancing," "Scandal," and many others. The current category on your site only mentions characters who wished they'd aborted a child, or a character being forced into an abortion, which are different concerns than my own.
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abusive mom
I know from experience that seeing abusive mothers in movies and tv has triggered flashbacks and may be triggering to some people
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Achilles heel damage
Any strain, sprain, pain in the Achilles heel, and especially any cutting or stabbing or pulling or biting.
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Not the drug, but chemicals that are harmful to humans and animals. Such as that one scene in the first episode of Breaking Bad (I think). Personally, it makes me feel very sick and uncomfortable. My mom and a couple friends feel the same too.
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Removal of a limb (arm, leg, etc.), often by surgical means.
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An anthropomorphic object dies
An otherwise inanimate object that has been, to any extent, imbued with human characteristics is one that has been anthropomorphised. If that object or character is then destroyed or returned, unwilling, to its original state it resembles death.
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An infant is harmed or in danger
Even if you don't have kids or don't like them, there are people who can get very stressed and even have anxiety attacks when an infant is either killed or in danger. I've never had kids but I've nannied for a lot, and it makes me sick to my stomach when an infant is clearly in danger or killed in media.
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an old person dies
Seeing old people die in movies is so upsetting to me and makes me cry.
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Annoying Children
Many people are totally annoyed by boys like "Caaaaarl" of "The Walking Dead" or "Zaaaaaack" in "The Strain". Children like them think they are entitled to lots of attention by their parents(or parent in both cases), get on the nerves of a lot of viewers and aren't really good for anything.
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