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A Character Cheats
A character interacts romantically or sexually with someone while in a relationship with a different character. This could be triggering to someone who has been cheated on, or is uncomfortable with the subject.
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A character gets gaslighted
“Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. (Wikipedia)” As someone who was gaslighted by an abusive ex i get triggered by movies with scenes involving gaslighting (like “V for Vendetta” a great film but I would have loved a warning). It’s no fun to be watching a film only for a character to find out they’ve been lied to and/or manipulated the whole movie.
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A character gets kidnapped
Being kidnapped is a very traumatic experience and can be very distressing to read/watch as it almost always against the person's will.
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A character is stalked
Stalking can often appear as something small online but builds up over time and can lead to harassment and even violence from the perpetrator. It is an uncomfortable and distressing subject that some may not wish to view.
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A Character That is Diabetic
"A Character That is Diabetic" -- this fact about Them could be shown on screen, hinted at in passing, told by a 2nd party or only in the origial book adaptation. Such as; one of The Main Characters in the GodFather is a servere Diabetic in the Book, ( to the point they needs 3 doses of insulin a day to live). However, this fact is not told in the film...So their death come out of Nowhere. All becouse the character was in a place where they could not get their insulin in time -- And lead to a lot of Film fans to get angery for not being told about this important fact thats only in the book. (Years later)
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A Character Uses Obscene Language/Gestures
Obscene language and gestures could make some people uncomfortable, and many parents do not want their children to be exposed to such things. While obscene language is often included in the rations for films, gestures are not. Additionally, there is less of a warning for language on other types of media, such as books.
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A pregnant woman dies
A woman who is pregnant, not yet given birth dies before the baby is born.
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Some people have discovered that their parents would have preferred to have aborted them for a variety of reasons. Also some people have been forced to have abortions which can be very traumatic.
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Achilles heel damage
Any strain, sprain, pain in the Achilles heel, and especially any cutting or stabbing or pulling or biting.
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Removal of a limb (arm, leg, etc.), often by surgical means.
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an old person dies
Seeing old people die in movies is so upsetting to me and makes me cry.
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Annoying Children
Many people are totally annoyed by boys like "Caaaaarl" of "The Walking Dead" or "Zaaaaaack" in "The Strain". Children like them think they are entitled to lots of attention by their parents(or parent in both cases), get on the nerves of a lot of viewers and aren't really good for anything.
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Anxiety Attacks
I get a lot of anxiety attacks and seeing others get them too really triggers me and I can function for a long time, I think I'm not the only one
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Any struggles breathing (choking, suffocation, etc.)
Choking, suffocation, strangling, hyperventilating, and things similar can make people incredibly nervous for multiple reasons, such as personal experience.
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Apparitions or mentions of zombies
It can causes panic attacks, crying or being unable to sleep for a period of time for people who fear (or are terrified or have a phobia) of zombies
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are any of the characters visibly pregnant?
Tokophobia is phobia of pregnant people/animals. It is extremely upsetting to see pregnant people when you have this phobia
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Are there sharks?
I have severe galeophobia (fear of sharks), stemming from a childhood encounter with one at a beach that has now left me scarred. Now just the slight glimpse of one or any part of one induces a panic attack and flashbacks. The majority of media that contain shark imagery make it pretty obvious that they do so, but I've been caught off guard by a few unsuspecting movies. Having this category would help anyone who shares this phobia, or similar or related phobias. Heck, it might even help people outside of those categories. You never know someone's reason for avoiding a trigger.
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Are there worms ?
There are worms (Earthworms and/or other kinds of worms : blood worms, and so on...)
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Audio gore
Some people are not bothered by visual depictions of gore but may be sensitive to hearing realistic gory sounds like flesh squishing and bones crunching.
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Autism-Specific abuse
When an autistic person is abused specifically because they are autistic. This can include parents who openly complain about their child being "gone" or "different" than they want, bullying by others, medical-related abuse, and parents/relatives/others killing an autistic person because they're "sick" of their autistic behavior.
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