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Dumb blonde jokes
Because it is a stereotype and it can offend people with blonde hair. Having blonde hair has nothing to do with intelligence.
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"Emo" Jokes
As someone who has been called "emo" constantly without my consent, it triggers me when I hear a joke about someone being emo. Please consider this as a category.
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"Heroic" Monster Hunters
This means any media where there are Humans(or Human-equivalents) who go around killing Nonhumans(or Nonhuman-equivalents) and are shown as "heroes"/"good guys"/"saving people" for it, or worse "oppressed"/"have it so hard" because they're monster-killers. This also includes such characters being shown as sympathetic/totally nice people with nice families/totally valid in their beliefs about the ones they kill/etc. I'm alright with media depicting Hunters(and other Nonhuman-killers) if they're shown as evil and bad for their killing, but seeing them being praised and excused and justified for their killing is one of my biggest triggers; and so is the way that their victims are always demonized and dehumanized and treated like their lives "matter less" than those of "normal humans". This includes things like Supernatural/SPN, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Shadowhunters/Mortal Instruments, First Kill, What We Do In The Shadows, Demon Slayer, Chainsaw Man, Castlevania, Devil May Cry, etc.
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"Hook up culture"
Whether you like it or not, this phenomena is having a negative impact on the lives of young people. Someone, somewhere, noticed that 's*x' sells, but this isn't just about inappropriate scenes, but also idolization of sexual ''freedom'' and polygamy pushed as normal. Whether it's a pretty girl who goes out with two guys, a popular guy who hooks up with every cheerleader in school, or 3 couples who occasionally orgy in the woods (lol), I think they all deserve to be filtered because they generally harm young people and at the very least cause insecurity and vulnerability.
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(bug report) logging in and searching is broken
There is a bug in which the search function is completely broken and you can't log in except for through a Google account. Please fix this.
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(not a category) ability to search a movie in different languages
Ability to search for a book/movie/etc in any language possible, similar in the way Letterboxd functions. This would allow to find movies who have different name in another country to be found more easily. For exemple, typing "Hauru no Ugoku Shiro"/"Howl's moving castle"/"Le château ambulant" in the search bar would reference the same movie card. Maybe this could be achieved by linking movie/series/books/etc cards with their wikipedia page ? This would greatly benefit international users.
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(Not a category) Add Author to description
Since some books/movies/shows/games share the same name in their medium, it would be nice to have some info about the author to find what you search. This could be a writer, game developer or production company / director. I feel like year is not sufficient alone, be
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(not a category) add reason options when reporting suggestion
Explaining why you are reporting a suggestion seems very important, e.g. in the case of reporting a suggestion that has already been suggested, or one that is covered by an existing category. The generic "report" implies that there is something wrong with the contents of the suggestion itself. This could be accomplished by either giving two options (report as spam/report as duplicate), or just by adding an open text field to the report for users to add their own information.
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(not a category) add timestamping and live view
This is a major feature request for the mobile app and I realize that, but I personally believe it would do a lot of good! Adding the ability to, when voting for a trigger, include the exact times that trigger occers. Then ontop of this, having an actual live view, which would be a progress bar set to the length of the entire media in question, which visually shows exactly when triggers occer. It could then also be synced with said media and run in the background (say in the case of a movie, press play on both at the same time) and vibrate as a warning a few seconds before the trigger occers. Settings would allow you to select which triggers vibrate/show in the live view so it's always relevant to the user. This would also allow for a "screening mode" where users could play media in sync with the app and have a button that can be pressed any time a trigger occers, which would then open up a menu to select the specific trigger/s. Once the triggering portion has ended that can be marked with another button press, at which point a comment could be optionally added and then finally the report can be added to that particular live feed for everyone with the specific timestamps for start and end saved. The ability for people to edit their own timestamped reports is important incase mistakes were made or adjustments become needed, and other people should be able to suggest edits to things other people submitted in the event they are inaccurate, a voting system could then be used to have the edits published for everyone, and anyone who votes yes would have the edits applied locally. Again I do understand how much of an undertaking this would be, it would be a major update in no uncertain terms. That being said I do hope this suggestion is at the very least considered as I genuinely believe this would do a lot of good for a lot of people. There is presently no dedicated way of reporting when a trigger occers, and although people will write timestamps manually in the comments from time to time, there is still no dedicated way to view that information. I believe making this entire process an integral part of DDD would benefit many greatly.
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(not a category) allow paragraph breaks in comments
Many comments that list triggering moments appear as one big wall of text with no line breaks or paragraph breaks. This makes these comments very difficult to read, especially for people with visual impairment, dyslexia, or ADHD.
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(Not a Category) Censor or change the word vomit in the ‘does someone vomit’ trigger.
People with emetophobia often are trigger by seeing words that relate to vomit. So either by censoring it and saying ‘v****’ or something similar, or by saying something like ‘Is there emetophobia triggers?’ Or something. I just think it’d make it easier for people with such phobia to actually search out the things that would trigger them.
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(Not a category) Censor the r-slur in the “Is r***** used as a slur?” category and rephrase it as “Is the r-slur used?”
Seeing the r-slur uncensored in any context can be pretty jarring to some, myself included. Since this site is designed with the purpose of helping others avoid triggering content, having a category with an uncensored slur defeats its purpose. Please fix this.
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(Not a category) Consider all intended consequences of suggestions before adding them
Some subjects might trigger people but as would the inclusion of them on this site, dor the sake of objectivity I’ll go with “queer characters” and “non cis-gender characters.” The latter doesn’t require explanation, but the “queer” trigger is tricky to navigate. I hope the person who wrote it gets the best outcome to their situation and I don’t want them to get outed, nor do I want them to feel like they did any wrong by suggesting their trigger. That being said, I can’t help but imagine people using those categories to maliciously avoid content that depicts LGBT+ and being cruel in their comments. I don’t know what to suggest other than thinking through what might happen if your category gets accepted or use somewhere else to track them. It’s hard to trigger me but I cried upon thinking about this, I can’t be the only one who would get the wrong idea seeing that as a first impression of this site. This is the hardest thing I’ve had to write about, I don’t want to sound insensitive.
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(Not a category) Double check for repeats
Sometimes movies/shows/books tend to be added twice due to simple titles, or spelling mistakes. For example, Us (2019) has been added twice. The first is "Us" (2019), and the second is "Us (2019)" (2019). The same applies to "Nope" (2022) vs "Nope 2022" (2022), "Frozen II" vs "Frozen 2", "My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission" vs "My Hero Academia: World Heros' Mission", "My Hero Academia Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training" vs "My Hero Academia: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training" (the difference being the ":"), "Centaurworld" has been added twice, one with the year "2021" specified and the other is the same but without the specification, Arcane being added multiple times under "movie" and "tv show" with different titles all around, etc.
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(not a category) Fix grammatical errors in category names
On media pages, certain category names show up as "Is a minority is misrepresented?" and "Does someone becomes unconscious?" These are grammatically incorrect and should be fixed. Some other categories are poorly worded, such as "Are there babies or unborn children?" (unborn children do not exist, they would either be zygotes, embryo or fetuses) and "Are there n-words?" (could lead to misinterpretation about what the category is asking, the page for the r-word asks if it is used)
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(not a category) info about author
To make it easier to find a title. I feel like it would be especially nice to identify a book but could generally help!!
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(not a category) separate tab for app/site feature requests
I see a lot of people (and now myself included) using this area as a place to voice feature requests, and that's all well and good, but I feel like this would be better serviced by a tab of its own (so you go to requests, then can switch between trigger/feature at the top of the app/page
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(Not a category) Separate TV shows by season
Since shows continue to add seasons after they are already introduced to this website, it is possible that a trigger could be voted as “no” then later change to a “yes” with a new season
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(not a category) sort categories by YES
A feature that allows you to sort categories under a title so that things that happen show up first.
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(not a category) sorting by comment
Someone suggested sorting categories by YES. I would like to say *and* comment. Personally, I often write a comment when something that might trigger even if it doesn't *happen*. So if you look up a movie and get the "Yes" and the comments, you will see the relevant warnings.
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