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Dumb blonde jokes
Because it is a stereotype and it can offend people with blonde hair. Having blonde hair has nothing to do with intelligence.
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Automatonophobia can be loosely defined as the fear of wax figures, mannequins, humanoid robots, audio-animatronics, or other figures designed to represent humans. Only rarely does the fear become a full-blown phobia, but it is relatively common to experience hesitation or nervousness when confronting these figures.
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!! Please, no more joke requests
I'm not going to act like I didn't smile at "does Sean Bean die" or "does someone drink milk," but... I can't help but feel like it's inappropriate to submit jokey requests here. :( It occurred to me recently that people might think my own request ("does a cat scream in pain") may be taken as a joke, and that really freaked me out. :( It's my biggest trigger. There are other specific requests I've seen on here (vaporization, quicksand, etc), and I worry that those will be interpreted as jokes, too. I know how much it sucks to have an extremely niche trigger... No one should have to worry that they're going to be laughed at for it. I promise I'm not saying anyone who did this is bad and should feel bad. Again, I thought some of the joke submissions were funny myself! But please do consider the points I've made here. :( Thank you!
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"Emo" Jokes
As someone who has been called "emo" constantly without my consent, it triggers me when I hear a joke about someone being emo. Please consider this as a category.
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(Not a category) Consider all intended consequences of suggestions before adding them
Some subjects might trigger people but as would the inclusion of them on this site, dor the sake of objectivity I’ll go with “queer characters” and “non cis-gender characters.” The latter doesn’t require explanation, but the “queer” trigger is tricky to navigate. I hope the person who wrote it gets the best outcome to their situation and I don’t want them to get outed, nor do I want them to feel like they did any wrong by suggesting their trigger. That being said, I can’t help but imagine people using those categories to maliciously avoid content that depicts LGBT+ and being cruel in their comments. I don’t know what to suggest other than thinking through what might happen if your category gets accepted or use somewhere else to track them. It’s hard to trigger me but I cried upon thinking about this, I can’t be the only one who would get the wrong idea seeing that as a first impression of this site. This is the hardest thing I’ve had to write about, I don’t want to sound insensitive.
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Anything related to what happened at 9/11. storylines around 9/11 or buildings collapsing in big cities, etc.
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A bug dies
If a bug is shown squashed or electrocuted, it's not a great sight, whether you like or hate bugs. It's gross and could take away from scenes if someone is sensitive to this.
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A Charachter is Asphyxiated
This applies mostly to Space-set content where the body goes through significant harm and deadly trauma when sucked into the vacuum of space but can apply to drownings, claustrophobic environments or violence (which many are particularly sensitive to post the death of George Floyd). Not only that but these situations can be scary for children to watch, the suddenness of many situations where they occur can frighten adults and all viewers should be able to go into a movie aware of what they could see.
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A character becomes unconscious
Any instance of a character becoming unconscious, such as fainting, being knocked out in a fight, being sedated/anesthetized/otherwise chemically knocked out, etc; some viewers may find scenes like these disturbing or triggering for a variety of reasons.
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A character experiences body dysphoria
It is important to distinguish between body dysmorphia and dysphoria. Dysmorphia is seeing your body as something other than it is (i.e., someone thinking they are overweight when they are a healthy weight), which dysphoria is disliking your body or feeling that something about it is “wrong.” Both are experiences common to transgender people and people with eating disorders, but they are very much different and should be labeled as such.
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A character has a chronic illness
Seeing a character who has a chronic illness can be very triggering for people who live with these illnesses and their families. This is often because the way the illness is portrayed in the film is inaccurate.
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A character has a heart attack
This is something triggering to my family after we lost someone to a heart attack
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A Character Has A Stroke
Strokes may be a trigger for some people, especially those with trauma relating to them.
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A character has agoraphobia
This may be upsetting for viewers who also have agoraphobia, particularly it is being misrepresented.
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A character is beaten up by a bully
I always had a tough time with shows or movies involving bullying where a character gets a nasty beat down from the bully
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a character is belittled, humiliated and severe second-hand embarresment
it can be very difficult for people to see any character, weather they are good or bad, getting humiliated. examples are the period blood scene in carrie. getting shit on by a bird. the scene in orange is the new black where she eats a sandwich with a planted tampon in it. puking or any form of bodily fluids coming out, especially in public. getting shamed while naked. being made fun of for smelling bad, or smt unusual that has happened to the character which they are not aware of. being belittled for something, like apparence, status, mistakes and failed attempts. all of these are hard for me to watch, especially when it's gross liquids on any person. and i think these are especially hard if you have ocd or intrusive thoughts like me, bc the images just will not go away and they have ruined many things for me. i REALLY would apreciate knowing if movies or series contain any of these things.
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a character is betrayed or backstabbed
A character's trust is betrayed by someone who they thought was a friend or ally.
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A character is crushed to death
A character is killed (or nearly killed) by crushing. Can include being trapped behind moving walls, being trapped inside a garbage compactor, being crushed by falling rocks/rubble/debris, or being run over by a car, tank, or other large vehicle.
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A character is diagnosed with or suffers from a serious/terminal illness
A surprise cancer diagnosis or an unexpected subplot/plot twist about a grave or even terminal disease can be upsetting to viewers, especially if they or one of their loved ones recently went through something similar themselves. It’s often not apparent from the synopsis of a movie/show that illness will be major aspect of the story. Sometimes cancer or a similar sickness is just added for extra drama or raising the stakes or softening the blow of a character’s death, so it’s not foreseeable. It would be very helpful to have this as a category. Thanks everyone! <3
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A character is donor conceived
As a DCP (donor conceived person) who has a lot of negative experiences about my situation, it’s very uncomfortable to hear the subject mentioned if I’m not in the right headspace. Being in a support group, I know many others feel the same way. This trigger would include conception by sperm, egg, or embryo donation, and characters not knowing their biological parent(s) as a plot point, since that is a potentially upsetting by-product DCP have to deal with.
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