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A child has a dear toy destroyed
Similar to having Santa (et al) ruined for a child, a child being in distress due to the damage or destruction of a dear toy such as a sentimental stuffed animal, or a gift from a beloved relative.
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Although they have already proposed the categories "Zombies" and "Eaten Alive", cannibalism is a category apart from those two objectively speaking. For example, there are situations where a person is driven to cannibalism by circumstances (either forced by third parties or by desperation) or practice it without knowing it.
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Audio gore
Some people are not bothered by visual depictions of gore but may be sensitive to hearing realistic gory sounds like flesh squishing and bones crunching.
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Bisexual Cheating
So much of LGBTQ+ content that actually has bisexual or pansexual representation almost always includes the bi/pan person cheating on their significant other. It would be nice to know beforehand if the media I choose to consume has this damaging stereotype before I choose to consume/support it.
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Abduction of Infant
If an infant dies or gets taken away from its mother it triggers a heavy depressive episode in me and I can't be the only one. I know that's a specific one but you see triggers are specific .
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A character suffers from PTSD
There's a category for anxiety attacks, but for me PTSD functions differently. It may seem redundant, but as someone with PTSD, watching someone suffer from PTSD and exhibit symptoms can actually trigger my PTSD. I imagine some other people must feel similarly. Movies would fall into this category if a character talks about having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or becomes triggered.
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A baby or unborn child is shown
Seeing a baby or unborn child can be triggering to those who have lost an infant or pregnancy, or who have lost a sibling. I lost a late-term pregnancy and seeing a baby unexpectedly can be a very painful reminder of that and trigger flashbacks. Additionally, unborn children (a fetus or embryo) are shown completely unexpectedly at times and can be similarly triggering to those who miscarried, were coerced or forced to have an abortion, or are infertile/unable to conceive. For examples, the horror movie "The Hallow" showed a (possibly dead/deceased) infant crawling across the ground toward a character, which was completely unexpected and irrelevant to the plot, and the TV series Helix had an extended plot depicting a fetus in vitro in the second season.
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Are there nude scenes?
Knowing if there is a nude scene is very important in case you want to watch an appropriate movie with your family or friends
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Does a character attempt suicide?
There are many pieces of media that include suicide attempts, even if the character in question does not die. A piece of media with this would not fall under the "Does a character die by suicide?" category, so there would be no warning of there being an attempt shown or implied. Even if a character doesn't die, seeing an attempt can be just as triggering and harmful as if the character had.
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Body horror
Does some sort of experimentation, mutations, or other event happen that warps the body (ex: Dr. Who’s “Of Love and Monsters, Parayte (manga), Akira (anime)).
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A character says "I would kill myself" and other similar phrases or gestures killing self
When your life is traumatized after losing a loved one takes their life and a character says "I would kill myself" and other similar phrases or gestures killing self is very painful and all too real and not a joke.
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D.I.D Misrepresentation
Although it is usually fairly easy to tell with movies like Split, sometimes D.I.D (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) is used as a plot twist, joke, or some other offensive tool. It would be good for those of us who live with D.I.D to have warning so we don't have be surprised by the shame and stigma cast on us.
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A Car Honks/Screeching Brakes
Although the category of "Does a Car Crash?" is helpful, there are often times when the answer to that question is no, but someone slams on the horn or screeches their brakes and this can still be triggering to those impacted by car crashes, even if a crash is not present.
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A mentally ill person is violent
Showing a mentally ill person committing violent acts is a very specific and very focused trigger for mentally ill people, and people who love someone who is mentally ill. This is separate and distinct from demonizing mental illness. Many mentally ill people are shunned, abused, and murdered because people are frightened of them. Many mentally ill people are extremely poorly treated or even killed because so many people equate mental illness with violence. It is extremely upsetting for a mentally ill person to see a movie that tells them they are frightening and dangerous. Mentally ill people have enough to deal with without having to deal with terror and prejudice. Further, it is extremely upsetting to watch someone you love who has a mental illness watching a movie that shows someone like them being dangerous and violent.
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Genital Trauma/Mutilation
I'm surprised this category doesn't already exist. Many movies feature scenes and/or dialog that could be triggering to anyone who is sensitive to the subject, such as Fight Club, Battle Royale, Django Unchained, and Pulp Fiction.
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Someone is raped onscreen
a character gets raped on screen e.g. 13 reasons why
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A character (nearly or actually) wets/soils themselves
The idea of people having “accidents” (pooping/peeing their pants) or nearly doing so gives me panic attacks. I’m not sure why, but it makes me so intensely anxious and uncomfortable that it takes me hours to calm back down. It can cause huge secondhand embarrassment, lots of anxiety about sickness, panic about the mess, be upsetting to people who have experienced it, etc.
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B********y is when a human performs sexual acts with nonhuman animals. This may be upsetting to people with a love for animals.
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This includes on screen, jokes about it, mentions of it, etc
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Deadnaming or Birthnaming
Deadnaming or Birthnaming occurs when a trans* and/or nonbinary* person is named not by their "chosen"/"new" legal and correct name, but with or without intent by the name given to them at birth, which often induces gender disphoria and is generally perceived to be very uncomfortable and especially when done multiple times and with visible intent to be very offensive and upsetting.
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