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Any struggles breathing (choking, suffocation, etc.)
Choking, suffocation, strangling, hyperventilating, and things similar can make people incredibly nervous for multiple reasons, such as personal experience.
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Is a movie antisemitic or has the portrayal of antisemitism/antisemitic characters? Are there negative Jewish stereotypes portrayed in the movie, are any explicitly or implied Jewish characters killed or abused? Does the movie feature Nazism/the holocaust? Is the director/write/lead actor a known antisemite? There is a lot of casual antisemitism in media, Jewish individuals (or people who don't want to support antisemitic movies in general) should have access to a warning before going to the theater.
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homophobic slurs
slurs or insults such as f*ggot, d*ke, fair, carpet muncher, etc can make a negative impact on lgbt+ youth. such words can upset them to the point of dissociation or ever worse a panic attack.
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Audio gore
Some people are not bothered by visual depictions of gore but may be sensitive to hearing realistic gory sounds like flesh squishing and bones crunching.
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Autism-Specific abuse
When an autistic person is abused specifically because they are autistic. This can include parents who openly complain about their child being "gone" or "different" than they want, bullying by others, medical-related abuse, and parents/relatives/others killing an autistic person because they're "sick" of their autistic behavior.
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Although they have already proposed the categories "Zombies" and "Eaten Alive", cannibalism is a category apart from those two objectively speaking. For example, there are situations where a person is driven to cannibalism by circumstances (either forced by third parties or by desperation) or practice it without knowing it.
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Bisexual Cheating
So much of LGBTQ+ content that actually has bisexual or pansexual representation almost always includes the bi/pan person cheating on their significant other. It would be nice to know beforehand if the media I choose to consume has this damaging stereotype before I choose to consume/support it.
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Removal of a limb (arm, leg, etc.), often by surgical means.
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Are There Images Or Shots Of Animals That Are Already Dead.
This category would cover media that depicts animals that have already passed when we see them. The preexisting categories do a great job covering the media with depictions of animals being hurt or killed. But I find images of animals that are already dead as traumatic as the actual seeing of the animals being killed, especially if they are in various states of decomposition. Furthermore, these images and movie shots seem to most often appear out of nowhere without warning, increasing their traumatizing effect. Examples include the movie S****h (the protagonist walks into a large room and the camera immediately cuts to a dead dog, presumably the victim of dog-fighting) and the opening credits of the TV series "True Blood" (2 images, one of roadkill and one of a decomposing fox, mixed in among a number of other random images). I believe these types of disturbing images are not completely and adequately covered by the preexisting categories.
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A child has a dear toy destroyed
Similar to having Santa (et al) ruined for a child, a child being in distress due to the damage or destruction of a dear toy such as a sentimental stuffed animal, or a gift from a beloved relative.
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Disembowelment is the act of removing someone's stomach/intestines. This is important to track because it is almost always incredibly gruesome and can be a huge trigger for many people.
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Racial Slurs
sometimes there can be racial undertones without slurs (such as the n word, g*psy, w*tback, etc etc etc) being used. however sometimes it hits much harder if they are used, though, and i believe it would be nice to have that sort of distinction added
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Eaten Alive
This deserves a category on its own beyond disembowelment or torture. I can no longer watch Stranger Things after a scene where we graphically see someone eaten alive and I know I'm not the only person who was triggered by this. Some of us cannot withstand scenes where someone or something is eaten alive and it shouldn't need more explanation than that. We would greatly appreciate having a forewarning on here.
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This includes on screen, jokes about it, mentions of it, etc
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Abduction of Infant
If an infant dies or gets taken away from its mother it triggers a heavy depressive episode in me and I can't be the only one. I know that's a specific one but you see triggers are specific .
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Someone is raped onscreen
a character gets raped on screen e.g. 13 reasons why
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Genital Trauma/Mutilation
I'm surprised this category doesn't already exist. Many movies feature scenes and/or dialog that could be triggering to anyone who is sensitive to the subject, such as Fight Club, Battle Royale, Django Unchained, and Pulp Fiction.
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Body horror
Does some sort of experimentation, mutations, or other event happen that warps the body (ex: Dr. Who’s “Of Love and Monsters, Parayte (manga), Akira (anime)).
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Bedbugs, Lice, or other Parasites
Many people have experienced the anxiety and stress resulting from an infestation of creepy crawlies that feed on their bodies. Bedbugs are especially stressful as they remove a sense of safety in the home and make sleep a frightening prospect (as they feed on blood while you sleep). Similarly, botfly larva, tapeworms, hookworms, leeches, etc all evoke body horror from a lack of bodily integrity. In short, parasites can cause a fear of one’s surroundings and lack of security in one’s own body.
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D.I.D Misrepresentation
Although it is usually fairly easy to tell with movies like Split, sometimes D.I.D (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) is used as a plot twist, joke, or some other offensive tool. It would be good for those of us who live with D.I.D to have warning so we don't have be surprised by the shame and stigma cast on us.
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