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Bisexual Cheating
So much of LGBTQ+ content that actually has bisexual or pansexual representation almost always includes the bi/pan person cheating on their significant other. It would be nice to know beforehand if the media I choose to consume has this damaging stereotype before I choose to consume/support it.
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*Fat suit
Does an actor wear a fat suit? Offensive and takes parts away from plus size actors.
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A person or animal is drugged
Scenes where a person or animal is drugged against their will causing them to either lose consciousness or control of their bodies and mind. This can be triggering to victims of such circumstances.
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Abused becomes Abuser
I struggle with intrusive thoughts of becoming like my abuser. Its also a trigger for me when people justify abusers’ actions with “well they were abused too”
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A character experiences body dysphoria
It is important to distinguish between body dysmorphia and dysphoria. Dysmorphia is seeing your body as something other than it is (i.e., someone thinking they are overweight when they are a healthy weight), which dysphoria is disliking your body or feeling that something about it is “wrong.” Both are experiences common to transgender people and people with eating disorders, but they are very much different and should be labeled as such.
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"Sexual assault on men is a joke"
Women (often perceived as "hot") assault a man sexually for laughs. A man rapes another man and it's for laughs. Prison gay rape jokes like the famous "soap drop". Those are examples I see in many movies and shows. Note this is about being played for laughs. I don't talk about serious rape/assault themes.
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D.I.D Misrepresentation
Although it is usually fairly easy to tell with movies like Split, sometimes D.I.D (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) is used as a plot twist, joke, or some other offensive tool. It would be good for those of us who live with D.I.D to have warning so we don't have be surprised by the shame and stigma cast on us.
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B********y is when a human performs sexual acts with nonhuman animals. This may be upsetting to people with a love for animals.
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Aphobia, and its subsets acephobia and arophobia, describe discrimination against asexuals (people who don’t experience sexual attraction) and aromantics (people who don’t experience romantic attraction). Some examples of aphobia are: assuming everyone will be in a relationship/have kids, devaluing platonic relationships compared to romantic ones, forcing people into sexual/romantic situations to "fix" them, and telling someone they’re wrong/broken/mentally ill because they don’t experience a type of attraction. Some examples of acephobia are: saying being ace is equivalent to having no libido, saying they’re a prude for not feeling sexual attraction, and saying that their romantic relationships aren’t "real" relationships because they’re not having sex. Some examples of arophobia are: saying being aro is just about using people for sex, calling people derogatory names (sl*t, wh*re, etc.) for having sex without romance, saying they’re cold and loveless because they aren’t dating.
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A character is held under water
My mother did this to me at 2 years old. It's very triggering and traumatizing to see it happen to others.
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Deadnaming or Birthnaming
Deadnaming or Birthnaming occurs when a trans* and/or nonbinary* person is named not by their "chosen"/"new" legal and correct name, but with or without intent by the name given to them at birth, which often induces gender disphoria and is generally perceived to be very uncomfortable and especially when done multiple times and with visible intent to be very offensive and upsetting.
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A character's virginity is lost
This is to replace the other request with this same title. (That one is by someone who seems to think having sex before marriage is bad no matter what. That it does not matter whether or not the unmarried people involved want to do it, are okay with it, are adults, know what sex is, will respect the other person or people if they say "Stop" or change their minds, feel safe+comfortable around them, and want everybody to enjoy themselves. The world is NOT black and white, saint or sinner, either or, yes or no, good or evil. Everything is grey and therefore determined by its context. When you understand that, you can stop being so scared of and angry at people like me. Whether or not you have unmarried sex or sex at all does not make you a better person.) Please have a warning for when someone who is a virgin has sex. Characters having sex supports the idea that everyone wants to have sex. Some of us do not at all ever, no thank you, and that's okay too. -Vega
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a character is watched without knowing
a character being watched without consent is extremely triggering to me and i'm sure many other people who have been watched or have paranoia. i know the category "a character is stalked" exists but i would also like to know if there are hidden cameras, technology monitoring, etc. and that isnt specific to just stalking in my opinion
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A family member dies
It's good that there's a category for parents dying, but there currently isn't a category for family members in general dying. This can include siblings, cousins, aunts/uncles, etc; those who have lost a loved one (especially recently) may find it triggering, and it's generally upsetting to most. This especially goes if the death is a particularly emotional scene or if the character was very close to the deceased family member.
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Achilles heel damage
Any strain, sprain, pain in the Achilles heel, and especially any cutting or stabbing or pulling or biting.
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A Person Dies
For many people, any depictions of death at all is extremely triggering. There are specific ones, like parent or child, but not just a general any person dies
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Are there transphobic slurs?
Slurs or insults such as (sorry for mentioning them!) tranny, trap, shemale etc. can make a negative impact on trans and nonbinary people. Such words can upset them to the point of dissociation or a panic attack.
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ABA therapy mention or propaganda
ABA therapy only supresses an autistics kid personality, teaches them to be "normal" by opressing them, not letting them do things that arent harmful for anyone and that are extremely necessary to the kids wellbeing. it causes severe trauma. some aba therapists even hit the kids or give them shock therapy.
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Depictions of blackface/yellowface/skin darkening can be hugely traumatic and highly revealing of whether the movie would be enjoyable for Black and other racial minority audiences.
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This includes on screen, jokes about it, mentions of it, etc
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