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TV Show • 2016 Report
- ep1 - NOT SAFE! at 33 minutes, max is in the restroom and chrissy vomits, you can hear it and you see her over the toilet, no visual -
- ep2 - NOT SAFE! lucas vomits in the toilet at between 9 and 10 minutes, right after you see the benny's burgers sign, with visual -
- ep3 - SAFE! at 26 minutes, for a brief moment we see the same scene of chrissy from ep1, this time we only see her kneeling near a toilet, no audio or visual -
- ep4 - SAFE! -
- ep5 - SAFE! -
- ep6 - SAFE! -
- ep7 - SAFE! at 1 hour and 16 minutes, nancy gets closer to a body, which has slimy stuff coming out of her mouth -
- ep8 - SAFE! -
- ep9 - SAFE! steve spits quite a bit at 1 hour and 36 minutes -
Movie • 2019 Report
Main character’s family member commits suicide during the beginning of the film. She is seen covered in vomit. Half way through, a man is shown throwing up after witnessing a couple jump off a cliff. It is not graphic. Later, a woman throws up after seeing a ritualistic sex scene. It is slightly graphic. All scenes are short.
TV Show • 2019 Report
1/17/22: For everyone asking for a full list, this is every single occurrence in the show. I didn’t miss any scenes so use this it’s 100% accurate. Btw these time stamps are for HBO max, it could be slightly different on another viewing service. SEASON ONE: Episode one: when rue says, there are a few ways to pass a drug test, then talks about the chemical that will flush your system then says there are a few side effects, she lists them and includes nausea and v*ing but that’s just a mention. Then later rue is on the toilet taking a drug test: rue says “can we not do this right now mom” and then you see Gia walking (flashback) and she opens a door to see rue on the floor and there is v on her face. Starts 20:41 ends 20:53. Only visual and no actual throwing up. Episode two: after rue says “I know you’re not allowed to say it but drugs are kinda cool. That is until they wreck your…” then you see the same scene of rue with the v on her face. Starts 11:47. Ends 12:18. Only visual, same as last time. Also in ep 2, kat is walking in the hallway then she enters the bathroom. Then she enters a stall and throws up. Starts 28:32. Ends: 28:39. No visual at all, just audio. mute when you see her enter the bathroom. Episode 3: 100% safe. Episode 4: during the beginning-ish, man runs out of carnival ride and throws up in a trash can. No visual except for him bent over trash can but there is audio. Right after Nate walks back to the chili booth and cal says “if you ask me she’s a distraction” Starts 15:37 ends 15:45. Episode 5: cal is walking through the school hallway and enters the bathroom and throws up. Starts 11:57 ends 12:05. No visual, just audio but it does show his head bent over toilet from behind. Episode 6: in the very beginning, the child actor version of McKay throws up while practicing football. Happens somewhere between 1:05 and 3:20. I’m not going to watch it to find the exact time stamp. Nothing you see in that time interval is important anyways, just know that his father put a lot of pressure on him. Slight audio and full visual, although not very up close and detailed. You see it happen. Most triggering tu scene of season 1 I would say. Episode 7: 100% safe. Episode 8: after jules enters the bathroom, there is a birds eye view over all the toilet stalls. In one stall, you see a girls head bent over a toilet and you hear it. Starts 17:35 ends 17:41. No visual except head bent over toilet but there is audio so mute it. SEASON TWO: Episode one: 100% safe. Episode two: 100% safe. Episode three: 100% safe. Episode four: NOT SAFE. The worst scene yet by far. Audio and visual and you see the aftermath. And they slightly talk about it immediately after. Starts at exactly 41:41 and ends at 42:25. It happens in the hot tub while maddy and Nate are arguing and it is immediately after maddy says “have my babies”. Episode five: Rue dry heaves once while on a street corner at 31:21 with no warning, right after she runs out of the couples house from their front door. The time stamps are wonky so use these descriptions. Then very soon after, a policeman asks her where she’s headed and she gags, and then he says “what was that” and she says “I’m actually headed-“ then throws up. Audio and visual. It lasts <10 seconds. Then at like 36:43 (five minutes after the first throw up scene) after rue climbs out of a garbage can and jumps a fence and falls on the ground, mute it bc she dry heaves (no tu but it was triggering to me). Then later when she’s at the kitchen table with Laurie, rue says “I think I’m gonna be sick” then mute it and the captions will say *vomiting* and then *vomiting continues* and then it’s safe. Bad audio but no visual. Episode 6: 100% safe. Episode 7: 100% safe. Episode 8: 100% safe. Overall this show is still worth it to watch even with emetophobia.
Movie • 2019 Report
An important plot point is that one character vomits every time she lies. This happens about 4 times in the movie. The first 3 times she vomits into a container or semi-offscreen so we don't see much, but we hear noises. The final time she vomits onto another character's face, and it's really graphic. There are also a couple of other moments when she gags but doesn't vomit.
Video Game • 2017 Report
One of the characters (Natsuki) is shown throwing up after seeing another character's (Yuri) dead body.
Movie • 2012 Report
Someone projectile vomits twice. Very graphic.

Movie • 2023 Report
y’all i am a SEVERE emetophobe and the scenes did not bother me at all. based on these comments i was expecting the flat feet scene to be way worse but it was not realistic at all. it just sounded like “bleh.” plus, there was screaming over the gagging so you couldn’t really hear it. as for the seasick scene, it literally lasts 1 second and there is music over it. the audio is not bad it sounds like when a cartoon character throws up. there is no visual and you can’t even see the vomit going into the bag
TV Show • 2019 Report
Season 2, episode 7, Klaus vomits, graphic & sound. Starts at 40:00, ends 40:17. Vomit can be seen on the ground during scene 42:30-43:22.
Season 2, episode 8, continue of the same scene, vomit can be seen on the ground during 3:50-4:50, including someone with vomit all over it.
I included the specific time-frames so you can skip around these if you're easily triggered.
TV Show • 2005 Report
okay. this took me forever, i definitely missed some, and haven't watched past s16e11 but will update as i go. this is a pretty comprehensive list of the worst ones (with time stamps):

s3e4: visual and audio of meredith vomiting at ~6:10 and again at ~7:45

s5e20: visual and audio of izzie vomiting at ~21:30

s6e4: visceral visual and audio of thatcher vomiting blood TWICE at ~03:47
s6e7: visceral visual and audio of derek vomiting at ~30:45

s7e9: partial visual and audio of christina vomiting at ~41:30

s8e3: audio of owen vomiting at ~37:20
s8e21: audio and partial visual of meredith gagging and then vomiting at ~7:20, audio and partial visual of meredith vomiting at ~38:00
s8e22: partial visual and audio of meredith vomiting (twice) at ~09:35, and again at ~30:25, and at ~31:15, and at 31:50

s9e6: audio and visual of a patient vomiting on jo at ~04:45, and 29:30

s10e18: many people act as though they are going to vomit, visceral audio of jackson vomiting at ~38:30

s11e6: visual and audio of patient vomiting during intro at ~00:20,
s11e07: audio of dr. herman vomiting at 30:05
s11e21: visual and audio of meredith vomiting at ~37:00

s12e5: meredith does NOT vomit but runs to the bathroom as though she might

s13e9: visual and audio of patient vomiting blood at ~06:00
s13e10: audio of jo vomiting at ~41:30
s13e20: audio and visual of a passenger vomiting at ~22:50
s13e21: audio and visual of a patient vomiting at ~03:10

s14e2: audio and partial visual at ~21:55
s14e8: visual and audio of a young patient vomiting at ~39:10
s14e14: audio and partial visual of a young patient vomiting at ~02:50
s14e18: audio and visual of amelia vomiting at ~18:50
s14e22: visceral audio and visual of a girl vomiting at ~00:50

s16e1: young girl vomits at ~12:00
s16e5: audio and visual of zola vomiting at ~01:55
s16e11: audio and visual of a young man vomiting blood at ~07:50
s16e14: audio and visual of patient vomiting at ~01:30

TV Show • 2022 Report
ep. 1 safe
ep. 2 safe
ep. 3 NOT SAFE from 13:14 to 14:16
ep. 4 safe
ep. 5 safe
ep. 6 safe
ep. 7 safe
ep. 8 you can see foam coming out of someone’s mouth but no v.
Movie • 2019 Report
The first vomit scene is at the 13 minute mark immediately after the car crash. Bill Hader’s character vomits almost onto the camera.
Eddie wretches around the 1:34 mark after going into the pharmacy basement, shortly at the 1:38 mark is when the leper vomits black goo on him (it’s almost cartoony and not hyper realistic but still gross).
The last scene is at the 1:51 mark. Richie (Bill Hader) vomits after killing someone in the library.
All of the vomit scenes are shown visibly on camera. Hoping the time stamps help anyone who’s sensitive to this.
TV Show • 2019 Report
S1E2: Someone pukes into a sink. Three individuals throw up on each other. S1E5: Mention of vomit. S1E7: Someone drinks too much and has vomit on his shirt. S2E6: Someone vomits into their cup of alcohol. S2E7: Someone is hungover.
Movie • 2004 Report
At her party, Cady(Lindsey Lohan) is upstairs with Aaron. It's obvious when it's about to happen because she starts to look dizzy. She says, "Here is comes, word vomit. Wait no, real vomit!" Plug your ears because there is audio. Aaron walks out of the house and flicks the vomit off of his clothes. You hear it splatter on the ground, which is very gross, so try to just skip the second party scene if you want. It's not the Halloween party. Hope this helps! :)
TV Show • 2017 Report
Season 1~
Episode 1&2 - Safe

Episode 3 - NOT SAFE : at around 50 mins, after Clay says ‘i’m not that hungry’ - full visual and very triggering

Episode 4-8 - Safe

Episode 9 - NOT SAFE : at around 41 mins, Hannah run from the closet - no visual but i think there was sound

Episode 10-13 - Safe

Season 2~
Episode 1-3 - Safe

Episode 4 - NOT SAFE : at about 5 mins, Justin says ‘I think i ate too much breakfast’ - visual and audio. Justin is seen again at 21 looking s* but isn’t. Again at about 41 mins, Justin v* whilst lying on the sofa - close up visual and and audio

Episode 5 - NOT SAFE : at about 25 mins, Justin v* in a bush - visual and audio

Episode 6 - NOT SAFE : at about 46 mins, someone says ‘now, who’s hungry’. Shown on a shoe and around someone’s mouth, but actual action isn’t shown

Episode 7 - Safe

Episode 8 - NOT SAFE : around 40 mins, after someone tries to roll someone of a bed

Episode 9-13 - Safe

Season 3~
Episode 1&2 - Safe

Episode 3 - NOT SAFE : at around 6 mins, someone v* after they receive some bad news - visual and audio

Episode 4 - Safe

Episode 5 - NOT SAFE : right before 46 mins, someone runs out of a car - audio and visual

Episode 6-8 - Safe

Episode 9 - Safe : mention of v*

Episode 10-11 - Safe

Episode 12 - Safe : at around 46, blood comes out of someone’s mouth but no actual v*, may still be triggering

Episode 13 - Safe

TV Show • 2005 Report

Season 1: Safe

Season 2:
S2 Episode 12: About 2 minutes and 30 seconds in, people watch Dwight from a window crash his car into a pole. he gets out, wobbles around, then graphically v*s on his car.

S 2 Episode 11: The company is on a Booze Cruise and at around 17:00, michael feels seas*ck and pulls out a bag and v*s. No visual except him bent over with his face in the bag and it lasts about 5 or 6 seconds.

Season 4
S4, Episode 1: Isn't safe. after Michael finished the run, he says (in voice over) “i eventually p* my guts out” and then pretty much immediately he bends over and v*, visual, no audio. wait til Meredith starts talking again (i think she just says “hey Michael”) because he has it on his mouth until then.

Season 6;
S6, Episode 4 Niagara part 1
Due to Pam’s pregnancy she sensitive to foods. And at about 1:20 almost everyone in the office v* in a chain reaction up until the theme. So it’s preferable to skip cause it does show the v*. Safe once the opening credits/theme song starts.

S6 Episode 10
There is a short v* scene in the beginning around 4:20 where Michael learns that the company may be going bankrupt. It is behind a closed door and only quiet sounds. Didn’t find it super triggering, but someone else might.

Season 7
“Viewing Party”
From 14:45 to 15:30, Andy acts like he's about to be sick and from 17:05 to 17:20, he is sick, somewhat graphically. At 21:00 in that same episode, he is seen leaning over a toilet.
This happens right after Dwight is getting fed pepperoni and Kevin says his pigs in a blanket line.

S7 episode 14
Kevin g* and v*. I believe the rest of the episode is fine, but I found that one scene more triggering than a lot of other scenes involving v* in other shows. The sound is pretty graphic (I don’t believe there’s much visual stuff besides him holding a trash can, but I don’t remember for sure). I don’t know exactly where it is in the episode, but just know that when you get to the scene where Kevin starts running, you should skip to the next scene (I think this scene lasts about 1-2 minutes).

S7 Episode 21
Episode is safe, however v* is implied. At around 9:50 after they introduce Diangelo, he starts looking pale and sweaty and he runs to the bathroom. Then seconds later Michael walks in and you can hear Diangelo groaning and leaning over a toilet, but nothing is actually shown. Then around 16 min he mentions it saying “I was in the bathroom v* and v*..“

Season 8
S8, Episode 16
At around 15 minutes in, Packer is dancing and runs over to Gabe and V*s. It’s over very quick, with slight sound and full visual. If you want to avoid it, mute and tab out when you see him dancing and leave it for about 10 seconds.

S8 Episode 23
In the beginning around 3:30 in, everyone in the office is arguing and Robert California puts up his finger and shushes everyone, and proceeds to v* into a trash can. No visual (only him bending over) but there are sounds that can be triggering, and it lasts about 10 seconds.

Season 9
S9 Episode 1
In this episode, at the beginning, all of the members of the office are talking about what they did over the summer. Dwight says he made a new sports drink made of beets. In the next scene, it shows Angela and Dwight in a hospital (for a completely unrelated reason, which makes this unexpected) and after getting some news from a doctor, Dwight v*s the bright blue drink all over Angela. Just fast forward past the doctors office, and it ends when Kevin starts talking.
TV Show • 2008 Report
From Tumblr
ALL Breaking Bad warnings
a masterpost of masterposts! what a concept!
Breaking Bad: Season 1 Warnings
it should first be said that this show is not for people who are bothered by really violent or disturbing content. however, there’s not too much v* so it’s easy to avoid if that’s all you’re worried about!
possible spoilers ahead~
episode 1-
walter coughs throughout. at the beginning, after coming out of the trailer, the coughing is particularly intense. this may be triggering.
towards the end, after telling jesse what happened in the trailer, walter bends over and v*s violently. you can’t see it, but you see him bending over and you hear it very clearly for quite a few seconds
episodes 2 through 5 are safe aside from coughing (and subject matter that involves really gruesome images and such)
episode 6-
when walter is teaching toward the beginning, he tells them to work on their stuff alone and then leaves the room to v*. I tabbed out and took my earphones out, but I think it’s shown a bit and heard quite violently.
after walt’s second chemo scene, about 19 minutes in, he is paying with a check and goes to the bathroom to v*. I think it’s pretty much just like the last one
episode 7 is safe
Breaking Bad: Season 2 Warnings
just like I said last time- a very intense and often gory show. possible spoilers ahead.
Episodes 1 through 4 are safe. There’s always coughing of course, but the only notably triggering moment is in episode 4 when jesse makes it back inside the trailer and begins coughing intensely. It seems as if he’ll v* but he doesn’t.
Toward the beginning of episode 5, about 7 minutes in when Walt gets out of bed to count the money, he goes to the bathroom and gets sick. The toilet clogs and he spends a little bit cleaning up, so the scene ends up being about a minute and a half. Just tab out and take our your earphones/mute it.
Episode 8 is safe, minus the usual coughing. Also, Hank has a couple panic attacks in this episode, which might seem like he’s going to throw up, but he doesn’t.
Episode 9 is technically safe, but at the beginning Walt leaves the waiting room and has a particularly bad coughing spell in the bathroom. He is coughing violently and leaning somewhat over the toilet, but he doesn’t v*. It still may be triggering.
In Episode 10, around 15 minutes in, Walt Jr. is sick into the pool. He starts to cough after taking a drink at about 14 minutes. I stopped watching/listening so I don’t really know how much is shown, but a previous anon said it’s pretty graphic. I would honestly skip that whole scene where they’re outside drinking. Stop watching when Walt pours out Walt Jr.’s ice. The scene ends at 16 minutes.
Episode 11 is safe.
Episode 12 is safe up until the end. When Walt goes into Jesse’s apartment, Jane ends up v*ing quite a bit. I didn’t watch because I knew something was coming, but it sounds horrible because she's choking. You should probably just skip the entire scene. It’s the last scene of the episode.
Episode 13 is safe.
Breaking Bad: Season 3 Warnings
same disclaimer for violence and intensity as the previous seasons
Episodes 1 through 4 are safe.
In episode 5, about 3 minutes in, Jesse is leaving the strip club with his friends, and Skinny v*s outside as he’s walking away. As soon as you see they’re leaving the club, tab out and mute.
Episodes 6 through 13 are safe.
Breaking Bad: Season 4 Warnings
violence and intensity, spoilers, etc etc you know the deal~
Episode 1 is technically safe, but there is a VERY gruesome death towards the end. I usually don’t mention these, but since I’m hardly bothered by gore and this one affected me, I thought it was worth mentioning. Also, witnessing it causes Walter to look like he’s going to be sick.
Episodes 2 through 9 are safe.
When Gus goes to the bathroom in episode 10, he sets a towel down in front of the toilet and makes himself v*. It’s obvious it’s coming because he kneels in front of the toilet and sticks his two fingers toward his mouth. I’m not sure if you see v* but you see him leaning over and hear the sounds.
Episodes 11 through 13 are safe.
Breaking Bad: Season 5 warnings
Episodes 1 through 8 are safe.
In episode 9, when the Whites are eating dinner, around 33 minutes in, Walt runs to the bathroom and leans over the toilet. I honestly don’t know if he v*s at first because I saw it coming on the little netflix preview screen, and when the scene came I tabbed out and listened to it at a low volume. It doesn’t sound like he v*s but I know he turns the water on. However, after he notices his book is gone, he makes a gagging sound and leans over. Nothing is shown.
Episodes 10 through 16 are safe.
Movie • 2017 Report
Holly May Marshall
Major spoilers ahead, however these spoilers indicate to whoever's reading this as to when to look away during the movie, either due to fear or just not wanting to see vomit: there are four scenes in the movie in which there is sludge or vomit involved. One, when Bill encounters Georgie in the basement, two, when Eddie encounters the leper, three, when Richie and Bill are searching for Eds in the upstairs bedroom in Niebolt Mansion, and four, when the losers' club are fighting Pennywise in the sewer.
TV Show • 2014 Report
S1E1: BoJack throws up cotton candy in a man's face and later off a balcony. S1E3: Someone throws up at a party. Barf is seen on the walls. S1E7: Todd is heard vomiting. S2E11: A teenager drinks too much and has to be transported to the hospital. S3E10: Someone in the background is heard throwing up. S4E1: Princess Carolyn pukes a few times. S4E10: Beatrice throws up in a man's face. S6E10: Diane is heard throwing up. S6E15: BoJack coughs up a black liquid in a dream.
Movie • 1989 Report
Veronica and Heather fight after Veronica embarrasses her at a party by refusing to have s*x with a college kid and then throwing up on her and telling her to “Lick it up baby. Lick it up.”
TV Show • 2018 Report
Jesus christ it was ridiculous. It's like every time a character felt a strong emotion they threw up. It just seemed excessive and lazy. Be more creative people! And you'd think he'd be used to killing and dismembering people by now. Get a grip, Joe.
TV Show • 2010 Report
Walking Dead Vomiting Cunts!

S1 ep2 - Glen vomits 

S1 ep5 - Jim vomits

S1 ep6 - Andrea vomits 

S2 ep3 - Andrea vomits

S2 ep6 - Lori vomits (on purpose)

S3 ep 3 - Andrea vomits

S4 ep3 - some stupid bitch coughs up blood

S4 ep3 - some prick coughs up blood on Hershel

S4 ep5 - Glen vomits

S4 ep9 - Carl vomits

S5 ep2 - Gabriel vomits

S5 ep3 - cannibal group vomit

S6 ep 13 - saviour bitch coughs up blood

S6 ep 13 - Maggie vomits

S6 ep 14 - Tara's bird vomits

S8 ep 7 - ugine vomits

S8 ep 15 - ugine vomits on Rosita

S9 ep 9 - Negan kinda vomits

S9 ep 9 - Rosita kinda throws up

Credit: Aidan Manser 👍🏼👍🏼
Movie • 2022 Report
NOT SAFE! there are a bunch of times where someone gags, but these are the only two times it actually happens -
at 14 minutes, during the life rewind part, when evelyn calls her father, she sits down and puts her hand on her mouth, it then cuts to a quick scene of her vomiting, its shown from behind her and you can still see it visually (not too much), you definitely hear it.
at 1 hour and 24 minutes, evelyn and waymond are talking and jobu tupaki arrives, evelyn gets ready to fight and tupaki says "you still cant see whats happening", evelyn then sees more universes, vomits, and collapses, you see it clearly.
TV Show • 2011 Report
From Tumblr:

Game of Thrones Season 1 - 6 Warnings (NOT SPOILER FREE)
This is a complete list of all v* scenes in Game of Thrones from season 1 through season 6. I watched the show on HBONow, so all the times will correspond to that. If you watch on other sites, I believe the scenes are two minutes earlier but I am not sure.

This list is not completely spoiler free, but I did my best to be vague about plot events. The scenes are not very central to the plot.

Every scene has video and audio, and to be completely safe you should mute and look away!

Season 1 Episode 6 (15:50 - 23:15)
Daenerys is going through a ritual to make sure the baby is strong, and she has to eat a horse heart. Technically not v* but it’s gross and she gags a few times. She names the baby Rhaego and the Dothraki start whooping. Even if you are very sensitive, you will probably be ok, but better safe than sorry. :)

Season 2 Episode 1 (5:20 - 6:30)
A knight shows up drunk, and Joffrey sentences him to drink an entire barrel of wine. Eventually Sansa gets Joffrey to stop, and the man’s life is saved. It’s a long, graphic scene. After 6:30 it is completely safe to keep watching.

Season 2 Episode 9 (4:05 - 4:30)
While on the ship, it goes down a line of people and someone gets seasick. It takes a few seconds to get to it, so it’s best to just skip ahead. The scene is not central to the plot.

Season 3 Episode 1 (36:30 - 37:00)
Daenerys and Jorah are talking, and one of the Dothraki gets sick. It was very triggering for me. When Jorah mentions the Iron Throne, that is when you should skip ahead. The conversation will continue with no more incidents.

Season 3 Episode 4 (3:00 - 3:30)
Jaime Lannister collapses, and asks for water. Someone hands him a flask and he drinks it, then they tell him it’s actually horsepiss. He v* and they all laugh. It’s a short scene, and not central to the plot.

Season 4 Episode 2 (49:10 - end)
Unfortunately, this scene is very central to the plot and also very triggering. I am not going to say spoilers, unfortunately. When Joffrey coughs after drinking, the triggering part starts.

Season 5 Episode 1 (15:00 - 15:48)
Tyrion is talking to Varys and he is drinking. When he says, ‘The future is shit.’ It is about to happen. He v* and then continues drinking. Then the scene changes.

Season 5 Episode 8 (54:47 - 55:00)
While in battle, Jon will be dragging himself away from a burning building. He will collapse, it will cut away, and at 54:50 exactly it will cut back to him spitting out blood. You only need to look away for 3 seconds. I found this scene mildly triggering, but others might not.

Season 6 Episode 3 (12:08 - 15:38)
Sam and Gilly are on a ship and Sam tells her he’s taking her to his home where he grew up. He’s v* because he’s seasick. He v* multiple times as well. I did not watch any of this scene and I was not confused later in the show.

Season 6 Episode 5 (28:50 - 29:30)
They will lie him on the shore. When it goes quiet, mute and look away for about 30 seconds. He wakes, v*, and is king. If he is standing when you look back, he will not v* again. He will cough a bit, but the scene will be safe.

Happy watching! :-)
TV Show • 2011 Report
watching for the first time and seeing as theres no time stamps i’ll write down whatever i don’t manage to skip in time

season 1:
-episode 9 when frank and a woman wake up after the woman starts crying she throws up into frank’s lap

season 2:
-episode 5: this whole episode frank has a vomit stain on his shirt, it’s not graphic but knowing that it was intended to be vomit made me a little uneasy. towards the end of the episode little hank says he thinks he’s going to be sick but he doesn’t actually throw up. at the very end of the episode as music is playing and lip is walking away a man vomits from what i saw fairly graphic but i tried to look away before seeing anything

season 3:
-episode 2: debbie tells fiona steve/jimmy is puking in the washroom and as fi gets closer the noises start VERY graphic and it cuts to inside and he is gagging himself to make himself throw up…tried to skip as much as i could but VERY graphic
-episode 8: right after fiona says “guess we’ll call the landlord and tell him we’ll take it” it lasts a while
-episode 12: when frank and lip are skating AROUND 30:55 lip goes to the side of the rink and starts coughing it’s fairly graphic and then frank says “domino effect” and close up of him vomiting blood it looks very fake but could still be triggering and in the back you can see lips vomit

season 4:
-episode 1: veronica says she thinks she’s gonna be sick and runs to the washroom, audio only.
-episode 3: they lead drunk mike to the bathroom and prop him up on the toilet it is very obvious he’s going to throw up.
-episode 7:
sammy bring in burger king for frank and he yells at her to get it out of the ro then cuts to a quick scene of him throwing up. followed by it slightly visible on the sheets
-episode 10: fiona says she’s gonna puke she opens the car window and throws up

season 5:
-episode 11: (tgis is all an assumption cause i fast forwarded this whole part) but i THINK bianca id sick in the bathroom around 44:47 if thats the case it is just audio no visuals you just see frank outside the bathroom and tou can turn the vokume up once bianca comes out, i cant speak to how grapphic the sounds are because i didnt hear them cause i muted way before ir happened

season 6:
-episode 4: right after fiona asks if sean wants something to eat
TV Show • 2005 Report
S2, E11 - Sam can be seen hanging over a toilet during a hangover, but no vomit (20 mins).
S3, E9 - Dean coughs up blood after being hexed by a witch (22 mins).
S4, E8 - Dean can be heard vomiting from inside the bathroom after getting food poisoning (20 mins).
S5, E21 - There's scenes where a doctor vomits, and patients and doctors have vomit around them. Castiel also coughs up blood in this scene (After recap - 7 mins and on).
S6, E5 - Dean vomits blood concoction (37:40).
S8, E12 - Henry Winchester can be seen vomiting after getting out of the Impala (10 mins).
S8, E14 - Kevin can be heard vomiting, no visuals (5:30).
S9, E23 - Dean vomits in corner of bunker cell (2:50).
S11, E10 - Dean vomits from smiting sickness (from around 8:30 to 11 mins).
S11, E17 - Dean vomits up pills from overdosing (30:45).
S14, E15 - An employee vomits after someones head explodes (3 mins).
S15 , E10 - Dean vomits after finding out he's lactose intolerant (24:30 - 25:30).
Vomit in movies is so UNNECESSARY especially in a Marvel movie. A huge thank you to the amazing people who take one for the team and report back for other emetophobes.
TV Show • 2021 Report
on episode 1, at around the 46:35 mark, a man spits up blood. it's not vomit but it was very sudden and as someone with emetophobia it definitely shook me up a bit
TV Show • 2013 Report
season 3 episode 5 - jake is s*ck twice after climbing the final 15 flights of stairs at the end of the episode. there is nothing on scene however you can hear it. it happens after Jake claims he is “the greatest athlete in the world” so u can skip ahead thirty seconds.
season 4 episode 10 - 6 minuets in - a man in holding is s*ck whilst it’s not shown on screen u can hear him. It is right after he stops sinning so after amy’s line of “it is not” i recommend skipping around thirty seconds.
season 4 episode 17 - 16 minuets in - no one is s*ck but jake is g*gging and it’s insinuated that he is going to be s*ck. it is right after Terry stops spinning Jake around so i recommend skipping about a minute ahead. Later in the same episode 18 minutes in, Holt shows a picture of Amy and she says that is her being s*ck. After Holt shows the image of Boyle i recommend skipping twenty seconds. nothing is shown or heard however s*ck is mentioned.
Season 4 episode 18 - 13 minuets in - v*mit is mentioned by Holt after stating that he is joking.
season 6 episode 5 - 13 minuets in - Boyle is s*ck off screen in the middle of his speech, during him listing the others by name. i would recommend skipping thirty seconds after he says “we’re a family” (it’s not shown however it is audible) later in the same episode - 15 minuets in - Hitchcock says that he has been s*ck. it is right after Jake says “lady’s and gents and perverted Terry” (i would recommend skipping ten seconds.)
and again in the same episode - 16 minuets in - Holt, Amy and Scully have a discussion about how Amy had been s*ck. the conversation lasts around twenty seconds so after Holt asked Amy why she is dancing i would recommend skipping that amount of time. this alongside hitchcocks previous statement is just said there is no visual or audio v*mit scenes.
season 7 episode 7 - 7 minuets in - holt is s*kc / is shown gagging into a bin after talking to amy and rosa about what to say at the memorial. after rosa says “see it’s not that hard to say something nice” he is sick immediately after so i would skip ten seconds from the begging of rosa’s line. there is nothing visual just audio.
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a complete list of times to skip:
S1E8: 2min,
S1E11: 2min,
S2E4: 46min,
S2E10: 49min50sec,
S3E13: 8min and 1hr5min,
S4E9: 18min,
S4E10: 58min,
S4E11: 24min, 41min and 50min,
S5E5: 14min and 15min,
S5E12: 13min and 45min,
S6E3: 23min and 31min,
S6E11: 4min,
there is none in series 7.
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Early on a drunk man retches in an alley, and later a woman with a concussion vomits in a toilet.