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an animal dies
(besides a dog, cat or horse)
there's childbirth
Tokophobia is a significant fear of childbirth [Wikipedia].
animals are abused
Some animals don't necessarily die, but are severely abused. Are there graphic details about animals being beaten, bloodied, skinned alive, trapped in cages, starved, or neglected?
there's addiction
A character has any sort of addiction, which includes gambling, tobacco or even anything that can be seen or used as a joke.
there's dog fighting
Dog fighting is forcing dogs to fight each other for the sake of human entertainment. It’s gruesome, heartbreaking, and cruel.
there's gun violence
Gun violence/shootings, or even simply the discharge of firearms. Guns in media can easily trigger PTSD and warnings are especially important for survivors of gun violence and veterans.
there's fat jokes
People crack jokes and/or make cruel comments about fat people.
the black guy dies first
Having the black character die first or be the only black character to die is a racist trope that people want to know about before they go into a movie so they don't get their hopes up.
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